Hello! My name is Belle.

I'd love to invite you to my colorful journey.

I specialize, painting on canvas & walls, designing lovely terrariums,

and also digital illustrate all my artworks.

I am a decorative paint artist based in South Korea & Auckland. 

Specializing in large wall murals and decorative painting for commercial, public,

and residential clients.

In most of my paintings, I mainly use acrylic paint and form my paintings around collages. 

The most common theme I produce in my paintings and artworks include

plants, nature, and eye-catching items around the house.

I express my feelings on the canvas of mixed timelines and places

with familiar objects in our daily lives which brings out an unreal aspect that

portrays my art style throughout all my artworks.

I have experienced mural painting and chalk art painting at several cafes

and restaurants in NZ, and South Korea.





Skill and Experience

2021 Mural Painting at  "Markazi Camp" in Djibouti

2020 Mural Painting at "Ziggle Ziggle" in Auckland

2020 Mural Painting at "Vibe Cafe" in Auckland

2017  Mural Painting at "The Khan" in Auckland

2015  Mural Painting at "GENGY'S Restaurant" in New Plymouth

2014  Mural Painting at "LIITIE KING Cafe" in Milford Auckland

2013  Mural Painting at "BENGUSTO Cafe" in Browns Bay Auckland

2009 - 2014 "AkaCrafts LTD" in Auckland

2000 - Freelancer illustrator

1997 -2000  Hand-painted ceramic designer of "A Very Splashy Business LTD" in Hamilton

1994 -1997  Freelancer illustrator for Children's book

1991 -1993  Designer of Morning Glory LTD in Seoul


Awards and Exhibitions

2020  The Story at Mairangi Bay Art Centre in Auckland

2019 selected 6th Hibiscus art awards 

2019  Touch of Korea at North art Gallery in Auckland

2015 Group Exhibition "buzzing"  in Hamilton Garden

2015 Annual Pottery Member's Exhibition in New Plymouth

2001 ILF Illustration Festival in Nagano JAPAN

1995 Solo Exhibition at Waikato University

1992 Group Exhibition "STORY" in Seoul


2000 Final 13 for TELECOM ARTS Awards in New Zealand

1994 The Special Prize for KOREA Illustration Competition

1993 The Third Place for SEOUL INTERNATIONAL Illustration Competition

1991 A Encouragement Prize for SEOUL INTERNATIONAL Illustration Competition

1991 Grand Prize for KOREA Illustration Competition

1989 The Third Place for Total Design Competition